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Another day in the Tetons...
Jill Vatter, Founder and Designer of Teton Beadworks
Wide open spaces

I created Fox & Lupine out of a desire to blend the peace you find in the wilderness with the style of mountain living.  I start with simple materials (sheets of silver, gold, or brass, ethically sourced stones, some wire, a jewelers saw...) and I begin to imagine.  I create pieces that are mountain-woman-tough, pieces that evoke the natural beauty we live in out West, and pieces that I never want to take off.


The heart of my design ethos is to craft unique and lasting pieces while considering my environmental footprint .  I strive to counter the culture of disposable fashion, offering jewelry that reflects the wearer's distinct identity. 

I've lived in the Tetons for almost twenty years, and have found my solace in the heart of these mountains.  I am most present and alive when I am among the wildflowers, the aspens, the rivers that gush in the springtime and dwindle near the start of winter.  I am able to watch wildlife from my deck, stare at the Milky Way while the peepers sing, and watch my boys grow up in an environment they long to protect.  This place is where I find my inspiration - I dream in colors of wild lupine and Indian paintbrush, glacial greens and bluebird skies. 


My wish is for my jewelry to root you to this earth, and to present you with a talisman of the natural world to help bring you a measure of solace and peace.

- Jill Vatter, founder and designer

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